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This is a table of the Arizona Senate. You can sort by name or District.

Click on a Representatives name and visit their information page at Click on their email address and it will launch your email client with the following message:


I am a constituent and a lawyer. I understand that the Legislature is going to consider several bills regarding lawyer regulation and the Arizona State Bar. The authority to regulate lawyers rests exclusively with the Arizona Supreme Court. The Legislature should not instruct the Supreme Court how it should exercise its authority. That is to say, passing legislation that either disbands or changes the State Bar amounts to dictating to the Supreme Court how it should carry out this Constitutional obligation.

I ask that you oppose any legislation related to lawyer regulation and request that you leave these important decisions to the Arizona Supreme Court.

Thank you,”

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Name District PartyEmailRoomPhone (602)Fax (602)
Steve Pierce1Rspierce@azleg.gov301926-5584417-3101
Andrea Dalessandro2Dadalessandro@azleg.gov312926-5342417-3169
Olivia Cajero Bedford3Docajerobedford@azleg.gov314926-5835417-3262
Lynne Pancrazi4Dlpancrazi@azleg.gov308926-3004417-3179
Kelli Ward5Rkward@azleg.gov306926-4138417-3165
Sylvia Allen: President Pro Tempore6Rsallen@azleg.gov303926-5409417-3105
Carlyle Begay7Dcbegay@azleg.gov315926-5862417-3099
Barbara 314926-5836417-3131
Steve Farley: Assistant Minority Leader9Dsfarley@azleg.gov213926-3022417-3128
David Bradley10Ddbradley@azleg.gov315926-5262926-3429
Steve Smith11Rstsmith@azleg.gov303926-5685417-3167
Andy Biggs: President12Rabiggs@azleg.gov205926-4371417-3248
Don 200926-4139417-3024
Gail Griffin: Majority Whip14Rggriffin@azleg.gov212926-5895417-3025
Nancy 307926-5766417-3261
David C. Farnsworth 16Rdfarnsworth@azleg.gov304926-3020417-3119
Steve Yarbrough: Majority Leader17Rsyarbrough@azleg.gov212926-5863417-3121
Jeff Dial18Rjdial@azleg.gov304926-5550417-3120
Lupe Contreras: Minority Whip19Dlcontreras@azleg.gov313926-5284417-3106
Kimberly Yee20Rkyee@azleg.gov300926-3024417-3110
Debbie Lesko21Rdlesko@azleg.gov302926-5413417-3109
Judy Burges22Rjburges@azleg.gov302926-5861417-3104
John Kavanagh23Rjkavanagh@azleg.gov303A926-5170417-3108
Katie Hobbs: Minority 213926-5325417-3149
Bob 310926-5760417-3091
Ed Ableser26Deableser@azleg.gov305926-4118417-3224
Catherine 311926-4893417-3116
Adam Driggs28Radriggs@azleg.gov309926-3016417-3007
Martin Quezada: Minority Whip29Dmquezada@azleg.gov313926-5911417-3113
Robert Meza30Drmeza@azleg.gov311926-3425417-3114
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